Buffet Dining
at Hitchin Priory Hotel

Delight in the culinary brilliance of Hitchin Priory Hotel’s exquisite buffet offerings. Whether you’re in the mood for light bites or hearty fare, our meticulously crafted buffets promise a medley of flavours that will cater to every discerning palate. Every dish we present is a testament to our dedication to quality and our passion for creating memorable dining experiences.

Finger Buffet

Perfect for casual gatherings, corporate events, or any occasion desiring a touch of elegance without the formality, our Finger Buffet showcases an assortment of bite-sized delights.

From gourmet sandwiches with a variety of fillings to sumptuous canapés that burst with flavour, the Finger Buffet is designed for easy dining. Each item is crafted to be enjoyed by hand, ensuring your guests can mingle, converse, and relish the array of flavours without the need for cumbersome table settings.

Hot Fork Buffet

For those looking for something a little more substantial, our Hot Fork Buffet is the ideal choice. This buffet is a culinary journey that brings to the table a variety of hearty dishes, expertly prepared to warm the soul and satiate the appetite.

Featuring a selection of hot main courses, accompanying sides, and a selection of sauces and gravies, the Hot Fork Buffet provides a comprehensive dining experience. Every dish is curated with the utmost care, ensuring that the warmth of our kitchen is felt in every bite.

Finger Buffet by Morfett Designs

Copy of Hot Fork Buffet by Morfett Designs

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